Who am I?

You can only regret the things you haven’t done once you reach the end of your life…” Quote from an unknown celebrity but I like it!

This story is about that: do the things you believe in when it is still time. A month ago I was still at work, sometimes spending 10 hrs a day doing important things and certainly things I like, but this life was keeping me away from a dream I hade developed the last years: perform a major refit of a catamaran sailboat and start travelling parts of the world with it. So I took a decision, the first 6 months of 2020 would be devoted to that exclusively.

My job and my life are not really of any matter in this blog. What counts is that I have developed the virus of the sailing, boating and cruising activities. Being a DIY type of guy, that includes also working on a boat to make it better. YouTube is full of vlogs devoted to this kind of activity, they have fed me almost every day these last 2 years. So what happened? In sequence:

  • I bought a second hand catamaran in March 2019 because it was a unique opportunity. Far from my home in Belgium, I went to Malaysia, that’s how far you have to go to get affordable prices compared to the local market. The plan to have it put on a cargo towards Europe and work on it over here had soon become an practical and financial utopia. But instead of looking at these facts as a total failure, I could also see this as a once in a life time opportunity!
  • This adventure of going back and forth to Asia gave me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people who put me on another track. I now intent to refit it over there and then sail towards Europe, that will be my major travel!

On 5 january 2020 I left Brussels to start my wonderful adventure.

The boat is on the hard in the Pangkor marina, district of Perak, Malaysia. That’s where I will spend my time the coming months as a liveaboard DIY doing his thing!

I will try to document these activities as much as possible through this blog. Hope you like it. Do not hesitate to subscribe or, even better, like the pages :-).

Thank you for the constructive and also critical comments you might have. And thank you above anything else to my girlfriend for supporting me in this somewhat egoistic adventure. AC, I love you!

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. Merci Fred!!! Je viens de découvrir la page des réactions sur le blog. Sans doute que je travaille trop avec mes mains et pas assez avec ma tête 😊☠️🤕

  1. Alex, I’m in awe! Ik wens je heel veel geluk de komende zes maanden en kijk vol verwachting uit naar de berichten in je blog. Groetjes, Griet

    1. Dank je wel Griet. Het is alvast zeer aanmoedigend. Sorry voor de late reactie, heb nog niet alles door van hoe deze blog provider werkt 😊

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