Tuesday 21 january 2020

Like announced yesterday I spent all of my time working further on the sunshade now that the mast is no longer an obstruction above the boat. I also spent half a day going from one hardware shop to another to get some accessories and also a reciprocating saw. Noticed that such tool could be much more expeditious compared to the oscillating tool when it comes to remove inner panels in the hull or elsewhere. Remember Johnny Rambo?

So, the sunshade. The design is to pull a big net over the boat, but noit just any net, one that lets air pass through. When a storm hits the area, a traditional plastic sheet does not stand any chance against the wind gusts, it will be blown away in a few seconds. To hold the net, a structure of tubes is installed over the boat in the shape of a half cylinder. It’s a big puzzle work! Tubes are PVC for electrical appliances, double coaxial, inner 15mm and outer 20 mm for more resistance to bending.

Now the structure is ready, time to pull the nets out. Not easy when you are working alone…