Monday 20 january 2020

I know Bob Geldof once sang “I don’t like Monday’s”, but he based his theme on a misconceived paradigm I would presume. Had he known how challenging a Monday @ Pangkor is, he would have adapted the lyrics of his song! Monday was the mast removal day for Saliara!!!

This story does not require to many words, I took a lot of pictures during the surgery so you can appreciate the technicality of this operation and how talented the multicultural crew was! Let’s start from the beginning…

The next operation is to send a man to the moon… Euh, not really, just send him to the top of the mast so he can attach the sling of the crane that is going to pull the mast up later.

Then it is about attaching the sling of the crane to the mast at the correct position indicated by the rigger.

Final step is to pull the mast slightly in the air and gently pivot it on the drums laid down port of the boat.

I could not take further pictures of the mast drop-down because I noticed nobody was holding the sheet of the forestay any longer… I saw this baby bent way over what can be considered as reasonably acceptable, so I put my camera back in my pocket and did my best to keep the forestay and the jib roller straight as much as possible pulling on the sheet!

The rigger will be performing a full inspection of the mast and all the accessories on it. But at this stage a little crack is already noticeable on the attachment of the forestay… Can be dangerous considering the forces on this element of the fixed rigging.

The rest of the day I kept working on the structure I put overhead the boat to establish a sunshade. More pictures of that tomorrow.