Sunday 19 january 2020

You would think Sunday is a day off. Think again! Every day is a day off when you are in boat paradise!

Lots of things to do on a Sunday and that includes laundry! With the heat over here a human body sweats a lot and when that is the case, a good hygiene is essential to stay fit and healthy. The good old washing machine in the Pangkor marina might only wash with cold water but it does a good job nevertheless. With a bit of practice you can start tweaking the washing/rinsing and spinning cycles, in order to speed up or improve the factory set programs, nothing is electronic on this thing! It’s like tweaking your computer, but the old fashion way…

An improvised drying line in the garden of my property! Can you guess the brand of my underwear?

I kept on working cleaning up the rest of the Stbd hull, the forward section was still due for a final tear down and a “get all the crap out” session! That part of the boat includes the main bilge, including the area where the speed log is positioned. There was a lot of dirt and crappy water in the bilge, somebody had to clean it, right?

After cleaning the bilge and taking the floor panel away, this is the end result.

All the way in front of the boat is the well known “V Berth area”. Though here that space did not serve as a berth but rather as a work and stowaway place for all thing you can imagine.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning the rest of the main cabin. Though I already did that in the previous days, after a while I came to the conclusion that there were still to many “things” laying around, things I wouldn’t need anyhow. Discovered some interesting things, those of you believing cleaning is for dummies, think again!

This is the end result. Not only does it look clean, it also smells clean. I passed with a wet mop augmented by a good dose of detergent!

End of the afternoon there was a heavy storm! Gusting winds up to 30 knots at least and poring rain. What started as another hot sunny day, ended in flash floods, but most important with a cooldown of temperatures! Nice!

The day ended with a social event between some of the cruisers in the marina. Please no comment on my choice of rehydration: it is for sure not the best beer in the world, but when you are thirsty and haven’t had any for two weeks, a person thinks again…

So, who Thinks Sundays are boring?