Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 January 2020

It was again a short night of sleep, I wasn’t able to join dreamland before like 4 in the morning. As a result I woke up around 8 or 9 in the building up of what seemed to become another hot day. Heard that story before?

During the night I was a bit concerned because of a distinct blip blip noise, something that resembles a leaking water fawcet in a bath… Put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and found the origin…

OK, I admit there was a storm recently, but that does not explain the source of all this water. The event also led me to another finding. Inside the water tank… there was water! Though I had emptied it in Aug last year. More research for later Mr Holmes, it’s for sure not a clear and present danger as we speak. Let’s keep cool, that is so 😎.

The torch set inside the tank, you can clearly see water

OK now, where were we? What’s the plan for today? Oh yes, start taking apart the cable rudder system, take the rudders of the boat, inspect them and install a new hydraulic steering system instead. Hey there, not all of this in a single day!

Problem with the rudders and their actuation system, all of that lies behind the engines and there is no direct access to it. A bit like inserting a watermelon 🍉 through a keyhole… But first I had to clean up the engine bay, there was clear evidence of some previous problem solving there in the past…

Taking good advice from MacGyver again I’m about to cut an opening in the aft panel. As I’m not a contortionist I need some larger access area to get where I need to be. By luck, this is not a bulkhead panel, i. e. it does not belong to the skeleton of the boat.

Ok, now we have a better view on the secret garden hiding behind the engine. Right in the middle portion you can see the stainless steel cable that actuates the rudder, but you can also see the exhaust pipe going up from right to left. These elements are in the way, I have to get them away.

So we have now reached the holy grail, our famous rudder stock and the tiller arm. But he, there is something more! This boat is like a magic cavern, full of surprises! Another wet surprise again unfortunately. And the guilty party has been identified on the spot: a hole in the skin of the sugar scoop!

As from now starts a total unfair game of force between the old rusty lady and myself. The top of the stock is also corroded but I manage to get the guider bolt off as it is made of soft metal. Picture taken from top of the sugar scoop. Getting the tiller arm off is another story. Aluminium, stainless steel and chrome parts have corroded together over more than 25 years. My oscillating tool can not win from the two stainless steel bolts holding the grip over the rudder stock.

Well, there is one thing I haven’t mentioned about all this cave exploration in the arcanes of Saliara : it’s over 33°C outside and I’m working in a sauna! This man feels like it’s time to call it off for today…

Wet t-shirt contest on my own!

Found some medecine in the boat for what I hope will be a better night of sleep 😴

By ccoincidence I had some tonic in the fridge 🍸

OK, now it’s Sunday. My main goal today is to do the laundry and some groceries at the end of the day. But still some time in the morning to clean up parts of the boat I had forgotten. Found some more tools, spare parts and accessories from the previous owner. Let’s say he had everything, but it was ordered his own way!

But first of all I have this hunch again… something is wrong. And if that is not the case, something will get wrong soon. I do a quick check of the cabin and see this!

Water from the air conditioner is spilling over the jug!

A few hours more and I would have become famous as the guy who sunk his boat on land because he wanted to be cool 😎. Not cool!

Rest of the day, cleaning, ordering, those things I enjoy really.

Last but not least on this lazy sunday: the laundry!

A machine from another era… but it works!

The left container is filled with water through the hose. You add the detergent and select a sequence of 15 min. The machine starts to do some samba mixed with bossanova and the clothes get washed like that. Rinsing is the same after having gravity emptied the tub. Then you manually put the wet clothes in the spinner on the right. It works. After that I just had to stay there and watch my clothes dry! See you next week!