Thursday 9 january 2020

This night I went asleep slightly after midnight and woke up at half past 6 in the morning, what an improvement! Jetlag slowly taking some lag on me :-). It’s a double winning formula; I feel much better in my head and can start my works earlier, important element when you know that around 10 am it’s already very hot!

By the way, when I bought the airco yesterday I also thought about getting some new instant coffee! Now it’s a win-win-win, nothing beats the joy of a coffee in the morning. I did not say a good coffee, it’s not an (n)espresso unfortunately :-)!

Breakfast for a king: instant coffee with improved yoghurt!

Another good news of the night is that, now the fridge is operating in regime (just maintaining the selected temperature), the batteries have enough capacity to keep up the complete night. If you look at the solar controller you can see the charge current at daylight (actually that is the total output, i.e. fridge consumption and battery charge).

The solar panel controller is feeding 5.3 Amps, about 3.5 A for the compressor of the fridge, the rest feeds the house bank batteries.

There is an unfinished work from yesterday I need to complete this morning. The covers on the cabin windows are not all done, better hurry before the sun is fully up. Malaysia is situated slightly North of the Equator, would you be surprised if I said the sun is very high even though we are in the winter??? The plastic offers a little protection from the sun radiation, it’s not the best material for that, but he it’s better than nothing. In addition, it will only take a few months for the UV to completely disintegrate the fabric and have the duct tape transforming in some sort of slushy gel… It’s almost 11 am when I’m finished with the job, man I need to drink water urgently, sweating like hell!

Back in the cabin, it’s already a bit cooler! But this is also where I realize I might have an issue with the air conditionner… It is blowing cool air OK but the hot air extraction hose is so warm that it radiates heat back inside the cabin! When standing in front of the unit my legs feel the cool air but my upper body feels the radiation of the hose… Not good! I have an idea on how to solve that issue. If you have a big problem that you cannot resolve, why not make it smaller? The hose will always radiate a bit but a short hose will produce less heat as compared to a long one. That will be a project for tomorrow, at this stage it is high time to start cleaning up the mess inside the boat! When I bought this baby, the previous owner had left all of his belongings inside: tools, spare parts, clothes , bedsheets and towels, sanitary, etc. I have to do a thorough cleanup and only keep the things that are absolutely necessary. There are two reasons for that: not a lot of space in a sailboat, and more weight equals decreased performance when sailing.

I always tell my daughter to clean up her room, now it’s time for me to do the same 🙂

There are things all over in the boat. This snapshot shows the cabin with visible things and invisible ones underneath the satee (bench in U shape), don’t forget there are two hulls also! This simple task is actually quite time consuming. The job keeps me busy until almost 8 pm… and I’m not even finished yet!

This being said, I cannot resist the urge to show you the wonderful lunch I had early afternoon :-). There is a bit of cultural aspects behind this as well. The cheese you see is like a joke for a Western European, it’s import from a huge Island situated far East of Malaysia, somewhere down-under! The slice of meat you see here is actually porc: you can buy porc in Malaysia but it is only available in a isolated container inside the supermarket with exclusive register. I had to pay my 4 slices right away, they packed it and put a special sticker on in so I wouldn’t have to pay it again at the main register. By the way, it’s the same if you want to buy alcohol, or anything that is not halal. The bread is not that bad, but clearly, the West European in me knows better. The tomatoes and the cucumber are excellent over here!

Back to work! Gather, inspect select, dispose, re-organize and stow away. Step by step I concentrate on almost all the tools and spare parts I could find in the boat.

OK, but how do you make sure not to transform one messy place into another messy place? What seemed to be the better thing to do was to use the surface of the bunk bed in the starboard hull. Don’t think anyone will blame me for giving up a cosy place to sleep under the current conditions :-). Around 8 pm I’ve managed to organise things to the best of my ability, see for yourself.

It’s late and I don’t feel like taking a car or motorcycle to have dinner outside of the marina. Time to improvise something on the fly with the few goodies I have in the fridge.

It took me almost 30 minutes to get these scrambled eggs with tomatoes ready, the stove is not powerful enough.

After this excellent diner (remind me I need to buy some salt!), it’s time to walk towards the internet café again and write these lines. After that, shower, sleep and get ready for some new adventures tomorrow!