Tuesday 7 january 2020

I’m awake at 6 o’clock in the morning. Looks like the theory worked, try to adapt as soon as possible to the local time. Breakfast at the hotel is served as from 7 o’clock. With a bit of food in the stomach I feel something magnetic attracting me to bed again… I fall like a rock and sleep through till 10 am! OK, now it’s about time to go and leave the hotel! I have a lot of things to do since my aim is to spend the next night on board.

A short walk to the marina office and the security post to get all my things back together and then I’m ready. Let’s walk back to the boat and see in what shape she’s in since I left her in august last year.

At first glance, everything seems OK. The dinghy is still lying down gently underneath the cabin.

A staff member from the marina helps me get all my stuff back on board. He also connects the electricity back: in this case it is a single cable with 220 V AC that I can use on the inside with a connector-multiplicator. Don’t think that I was talking about selecting shore power to the on-board electrical distribution system… simply because there is none, I still have to build it.

My other concern was the status of the house bank batteries. For the moment a set of 3 low cost lead-acid 100 Ah are still doing the job it seems. The battery charger shows 13.3 V with 100% load on the bank, that looks good. So I can start the refrigerator, that piece of equipment is the only receiver taking power from the 12V DC system. The refrigerator controller indicates a temperature of 32°C inside the receptacle… It is going to take some time for this baby to cool down! I hear the compressor start and right away look at the battery charger: it just jumped to 13.6 V, that is normal because now the solar panels are charging the battery again to compensate for the consumption of the fridge. Bottom line, house bank and solar system both operational!

I spend the rest of the day at the local Mall called AEON. There I can find all I need: simple clothes, basic sanitary products, and most important of all, food and water!


There is also a section with electrical appliances in the mall. My attention goes towards a corner where they have series of portable air conditioners… need to investigate that. Such type of baby could do miracles on board but I need a bit of preparation before installing one. Most important is to see if I have a power type converter from European to UK, reason is the plug multiplier I have is a European model while Malaysia uses the UK standard plugs. Bit of homework to do…