Day one…

I left home in Europe on Sunday 5 Jan 2020 sometime in the afternoon. The journey all the way down to Malaysia takes about 24 hours using one of the major Gulf State airlines. Arrived In Kuala Lumpur on Monday 6 Jan 2020 late afternoon, there is still a 4 and a half hour bus ride to get to my destination: Pangkor marina in Lumut, Perak province, Malaysia.

Travelling with public airlines always carries a weight limit for your luggage. Being the DIY guy on the move, my hunger for excess bagage was huge of course, how else can I take all of my tools with me? Having it shipped by separate airfreight was economically not sound, you pay almost the same price as the value of the goods… Ordering excess luggage with the airline was even worse as a formula. This brought me to the following thought: since the airline I fly with allows for 30 kg of main luggage and an additional 7 kg for a carry-on, the solution was pretty simple… Put all your tools in the main and select the bare minimum personal goods in your carry-on. After all it is much cheaper to buy some new clothes locally to compensate!

The bus ride from Kuala Lumpur was rather long. I left the airport at 1800L and arrived finally at destination just before 2300L. During the complete trip I was fighting the need for sleep, I had about 2 hours of sleep during the last 36 hours! The idea was to stay awake and attempt to adapt as soon as possible to the local times. There is a 7 hours difference with Eastern Europe.

Arrived at the hotel finally, just opposite of the marina. Time for a shower and then straight to bed. The first challenge right away: get used to sleeping in an environment where the ambient temperature is close to 30°C with a high degree of moisture… Nothing stops a tired person from sleeping, not even that 🙂